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Kredits(KRX)将成为新的Cryptocurrency被释放与KredX,将作为基础货币的所有应用内购买和广告费用。 Kredits将建议并鼓励货币跨越KredX应用程序的所有功能的使用。 Kredits被设计为CryptoNote货币的一个Git叉,将是一个匿名Cryptocurrency与分析性Blockchain以保护用户的隐私,并增加了货币价值功能。与CryptoNote的价值观Kredits保持将是一个开放源代码的,在针对Git枢纽forkable项目,并曾经创造将成为所有Cryptocurrencies使用KredX Blockchain造物主创造的framwork。


43,000,000 USD
5-10 USD
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  • October 4 2017 - November 4 2017 - 50%
  • November 4 2017 - December 4 2017 - 25%
  • December 4 2017 - January 4 2018 - 0%


KredX is a Cross-platform decentralized application that will sew together the entire world of Cryptocurrency, plus more, seamlessly across Mobile, Web, and Desktop platforms, without loosing any functionality along the way. Providing its users with a range of essential Cryptocurrency centered features/services. The entire platform will be built upon a brand new Cryptocurrency "Kredits" (KRX) which will be a Git-Forked CryptoNote anonymous currency, acting as the base currency of the platform, and as a Motherchain for all KredX Blockchains.Upon launch in June 2018 KredX will be providing its Users with:

  • A Unique Decentralized Social Network allowing Users to connect and socialize with each other using a full range of content in an uncensored, libertarian fashion.
  • A Multi-Currency Wallet with optionally linked Visa Card offering storage of all major and User Created / Voted Cryptocurrencies.
  • A Fully Functional Cryptocurrency Exchange listing all Currencies supported by the Wallet and allowing Users to trade and mimic other user patterns via CopyTrading.
  • A Miner that rewards Users with a lifetime supply of Kredits hashrate resulting in free KRX simply for using the platform and acting as a Network Node.
  • A Blockchain creation platform allowing Users to fork KRX into their own new Cryptocurrencies and create their own Tokens/Blockchains for a range of needs.
  • A GPS Location Based Interactive Map displaying other Users, as well as Local Businesses, Professional Services, and Traders that accept Cryptocurrency.
  • A Multi-Ring Signature Blockchain based Encrypted Instant Messenger allowing Users full peer-to-peer confirmed secure messaging.
  • Having all these features together will save you time and money by you not having to hold multiple accounts with multiple different Cryptocurrency platforms to get your business done. There's also the fact that every aspect of KredX fully augments all other aspects creating a platform where all features are mutually supportive achieving a new level of functionality and User convenience.Kredits is fully equipped with Ring signature Technology and Key images to be a totally private, anonymous, and analysis resistant Cryptocurrency. Kredits will be employing a strict 1 CPU 1 Vote Egalitarian proof of work system aimed at supporting and ensuring a fair, balanced, decentralized network. The Total supply will be reached after the global mining pool is setup that will group all User power collectively to create unrivaled hash power. All Block Rewards, Block Difficulties, and Block Sizes are scale-able and responsive to the currency Network Hashrates and Difficulty levels both short term and long term creating a Currency that is shaped by its User's input.

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    Daniele Ronchese
    Daniele Ronchese
    Head of Blockchain Development
    Gabriele Ronchese
    Gabriele Ronchese
    Head of Marketing
    David Rees
    David Rees
    Head of Sales
    Neeraj Pandey
    Neeraj Pandey
    Head of App Development
    Ankit Agrawal
    Ankit Agrawal
    Sr. Development Team Leader
    Adarsh Tripathi
    Adarsh Tripathi
    Brand Manager